Agreement on work priorities with the Colombian banana sector

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On March 15th we met with our partners in the Colombian banana industry to discuss what sustainability means in this sector. In a participatory workshop attended by representatives of organisations like Augura, Asbama, Banacol, Banasán, Cenibanano, and Unibán, social foundations like Fundaunibán and Corbanacol, and certifying bodies like Control Union and Naturacert, we shared ideas and selected the priority issues we will work on in the sector over the next several years.






To start, we indicated that management of water resources and drainage, along with pest and disease management, are necessary for banana production to be environmentally responsible.


We also mentioned that it is indispensable to work towards reducing social and environmental problems to attain wellbeing in the sector. Finally, we reiterated the importance certifications play in helping bananas grown in our country sustainably reach marketplaces abroad.




With these priorities in mind, we quickly reached a consensus on what the role of the Sustainable Trade Platform will be in working on these four areas that will allow the Colombian banana to bring about sustainable development in benefit of all.