Sewing the Seeds of Peace and Coffee in Colombia


The Plataforma Comercio Sostenible is just one of the initiatives Colombia has developed for the benefit of coffee growers.


“Colombia Cafetera y Sostenible surgió en 2008 para que 600 familias campesinas de la serranía del Perijá, en el departamento del Cesar, recobraran la esperanza y volvieran a hacer lo que saben hacer[…]



"[…] In Colombia, more than 400 coffee-growing technicians and over 100,000 coffee farmers have benefited from the Plataforma Comercio Sostenible, an initiative whose efforts would not be possible without the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Solidaridad. Plataforma Comercio Sostenible seeks to ensure that supply of sustainable Colombian coffee meets the growing demand for this product worldwide.

This initiative aims to achieve two objectives by 2015: the first is 60% production of sustainably grown coffee in Colombia, and the second is annual sales of 2 million 60-kilo bags of sustainable coffee. Towards this end, Plataforma Comercio Sostenible works in partnership with the National Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), the National Coffee Exporters Association of Colombia (Asoexport), and the main actors in the coffee chain in Colombia. Their three components of farmer support, market access, and climate change were chosen to encourage sustainable production practices on coffee farms and benefit thousands of coffee growers. The coffee produced through this programme will comply with sustainability criteria, protect the environment, and ensure a good income for the farmers and their families."


-  María Paulina Baena, periodista El Espectador.


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