One of its main recommendations is to design gender equity strategies directed to all the members of the family and not only to the women.


To socialize this study that took place in the departments of Huila, Magdalena, Nariño, Santander and Risaralda, 30 representatives of colombian coffee sector organizations met last friday.


The objective of the meeting was to present the results of the research and to define concrete actions towards the inclusion of the gender approach in coffee production.


Out of the box

Thinking like Celia Cruz, working with elements such as ice and scissors and improving a cycling team’s cinergy, things that apparently had nothing to do with coffee growing, were used as strategies to make the participants think in innovative solutions.


From this exercises emerged ideas to encourage reflection on gender roles within the coffee sector families and to promote the participation of their members in tasks different from those they carry out in their daily lives.


During 2018, the Sustainable Trade Platform, together with the interested partners, will design and test training workshops on gender mainstreaming based on these proposals.


About the document


This study was an initiative of the Global Coffee Platform and was carried out in Colombia through Solidaridad in its role as technical secretariat of the Sustainable Trade Platform.


Its development consisted in the elaboration of workshops, focus groups and interviews in 5 regions of the country, which gathered the different views of 100 men and women dedicated to coffee growing, 46 representatives of technical teams and 5 executives of Carcafé, ECOM, National Federation of Coffee Growers, RGC and Expocafe.




Its objective was to understand gender relations, gender social representations, stereotypes and ways of valuing them in the sector. Additionally, the document highlights the gender equity practices of the partner organizations that participated on it and gives recommendations on the integration of the gender approach in the organizations of the Colombian coffee sector.


Finally, the idea is that this study serves as a reference to agree on vision and objectives of the 2020 agendas of both Global Coffee Platform and Sustainable Trade Platform in gender mainstreaming matters as well as an inspiration to design projects with gender perspective in the sector.


One of the coffee growers participating in the study who assisted the event, made a balance of the process through the following “copla”:


In the coffee field, we have to work hard

but this work men did not know how to value.

We contribute a lot to the family, in jobs and decisions,

we participate in workshops and also in meetings.

In the gender balance tree we could realize

that the whole family works to be able to progress.

The trainings in this subject are very important,

there we all learn and we move forward.

Today as a woman I must value myself,

men must understand that male chauvinism they must leave.

Men for being men, women for being women,

none is worth more than the other, we must understand it.


Cecilia Muñoz- Coffee grower from Oiba- Santander


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Claudia Cardona at [email protected]